So many ways to #walksg

In addition to 80+ open offices, there are so many other ways to #walksg check out all the special events, bus tours and workshops  or create your own itinerary!


Grab a tour bus

Too hot to walk – Head to Geylang and see why the red light district is hot, hot, hot. Don’t worry, this bus tour is pumping the aircon, so you’ll arrive looking fresh to death.

Agency tour – Join us if you are curious about the world of advertising and want to see the technology/communities that every smart marketer will remember when creating tackling an omni-channel project.

RSVP for a bus tour today!

Attend an event

Special Events are open now, rsvp for a chance to meet the following companies!

Pay Pal – Hosting events at 1:00, 3:00 & 5:00. Disrupting payments since

Facebook – Two chances to peek inside this scrappy startup. 10:00am & 1:00pm.

Microsoft – Come check out one of the biggest technology companies in Singapore and the world! Events are at 3:00 & 3:30 

Money on Wheels – Eight chances to pitch to world class investors while cruising around town in a Mercedes S-class. Once company, two founders per spin.

Hyper Island – Grab a Finka and enjoy tons of design chitchat with the Swedes. Events start at 2:00, 3:00 & 4:00

Backstage with Peatix – Growing online by taking it offline – events for event organizers with Peatix. Hosted at Mig33 and featuring JFDI. Events takes place at 1:00pm.

Grey Group Singapore – Spend an hour with us as we demonstrate to you how we tap into different digital and social media platforms to amplify reach and get results. And discover how we’ve helped clients like P&G, Qatar Airways, Sentosa, GSK etc take their branding and advertising campaigns to the next level.

Grab a drink

Cocktails and Coworking – It’s not all fun and games, sometimes it’s about the cocktails too. Join Collective Works and SpringBoard for a happy hour on their fancy roof terrace. Happy hour starts at 5:00pm

Afterparty at Kyo – Biggest afterparty of the year.  Enough said. Free flow beer and beats begins at 7:00pm


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