Grab a Backstage Pass with Peatix

Backstage Pass #6 - peatix.fw

Peatix is an online events management and ticketing startup with one mission: empower event organizers. Originally from Japan, Peatix has rapidly expanded into Singapore and South East Asia with more than 17,000 events on its platform in 25 countries.

Join Peatix to learn how they and local accelerator JFDI have used offline events to build a strong online community.

Backstage Pass #6
Backstage Pass is a community event for organizers and people who make events possible! For this special #WalkSG edition of Backstage Pass, hear from Nicholas and the Peatix team and learn how they have grown a multi-million dollar business based on one simple concept: You have to walk the earth and do the hard work. You can’t think about yourself first. It’s got to be who your main customers who come first.

This one’s for you, event organizers!

Also hear from Fanny Kue, Community Manager at JFDI. Fanny is going to talk about JFDI’s outreach efforts and how you can score a coveted invite to their weekly after hour soirees.

Backstage pass is hosted at Mig33’s gorgeous 26th story office. So you get to meet three companies at once!

Join us for BackStage Pass, Walkabout Edition at 1:00pm on Friday, June 13th.

Walkabout is totally free, and so are all the special events we have planned for you during the day.  Tickets will be available on JUNE 2nd. We’ll send an email (make sure you’re on the mailing list!) as soon as the tickets for all the special events go live, but act fast!


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