Whoops! We’re sorry for tripping up!


We’d like to properly apologise for our recent trip up. 

It’s not a community startup event without the obligatory social media snafu. Some of you objected to the poor choice of words we used in one of our neighbourhood itineraries, and we wanted to assure you that absolutely no offence was intended. 

This is a free, non-profit community event that’s meant to showcase the best tech companies and entrepreneurs Singapore and Southeast Asia has to offer. Indeed, the sponsors and companies involved with Walkabout were not responsible for the copy on the EDM nor this website. They have all been quite outstanding in their support for the local startup ecosystem.

We’re not in the business of making baseless, insensitive statements. It’s not reflective of who we are or what we represent. The organisers have been subsisting on a diet of black coffee and nasi lemak for the past six weeks trying to make this the largest Walkabout we’ve ever hosted, and the last thing we want is to have this entire event overshadowed by one mistake.

Sometimes we’ll trip up, but our intentions are always good. We’re sorry for taking the spotlight away from the awesome startups, entrepreneurs, and sponsors that wholeheartedly deserve it. We’ve removed the offending line, updated the itineraries, and are working to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. But most importantly, we hope everyone is still looking forward to Walkabout. It’s bigger and badder this year, and we want everyone to get in line to make this an event that you’ll never forget.

If you have any feedback or questions, please feel free to ping us here!


A Quick Primer: Making the Most of ‘Money on Wheels’

If you want a chance to pitch, please fill out this quick form.  We will let you know who is chosen to participate by Wednesday, June 11th.


Ever dream of casually chatting to some of Southeast Asia’s best investors and institutional funds about your startup’s plans for world domination while being chauffeured in Mercedes-S Class? Well, here’s to making that dream a reality!

Walkabout SG and the kind folks at Drive.sg are hosting Money on Wheels, a unique event that allows selected startups to pitch in front of some of the most badass investors in Southeast Asia, like IncubateFund, Sequoia and Golden Gate Ventures.
For those lucky enough to get a chance to ride in the Back Seat, here are some tips to make the most of your trip:
1) Have a pitch deck – It should go without saying, but if you’re raising money, you should have a pitch deck. Check out some good examples here.


2) Use a tablet – Speaking of which, present your pitch deck on a tablet, not a laptop. For those of you that don’t have one, definitely try to borrow one from a friend or colleague. Using a laptop is going to be cumbersome and unwieldy in the back of a car, no matter how nice it is!


3) Simple and Short is Best – No investor is going to make a decision in the back of a car, so don’t inundate them with endless stats and financials. These decks should be around ten slides long, so you can knock them out quickly and get to the real meat of the meeting: the Q&A


4) Practice the Quicker Pitch – If you are reducing your pitch size, make sure you practice. You only have a limited amount of time to get through your deck before the car picks up the next startup, so make sure you know the ins-and-outs of your new deck.


5) Prepare for Motion Sickness! – I know it sounds silly, but if you’re prone to motion sickness, take some Dramamine or any other antiemetics. Let’s put it this way: I’ve never heard of an investor getting vomited on and then going on to write a check.You’re being given an opportunity to sit down one-on-one with some of the best investors in the region! Don’t waste it! With these tips, you’ll be primed to make the best impression and get that cash!