Clarke Quay-Wine, Dine, and Good Time

clark quay-1


Clarke Quay is nice, undoubtedly. Beautiful ocean views, tasty foods, nice bars… What’s more? Startups and passionate entrepreneurs, of course!

This year we are lucky to have three wonderful companies in Clarke Quay area on our list. Make sure to swing by and visit their digs!

Foodpanda: Watch out food lovers! Foodpanda is joining us on Friday, June 13th, 2014. Why I love this startup so much—love eating, but too lazy to move ;P. Foodpanda is enabling everyone to get their favorite food delivered. Sounds exciting, right?

Trade Gecko: Recognized as one of the most innovative B2B software providers at the Red Herring Asia 100, Trade Gecko should be a nice place to be checked out for any tech enthusiasts. Make sure to talk to the three New Zealanders founders if you a big fun of SaaS services.

LeoTech: LeoTech makes everything pretty, whether it’s a website or a mobile app. If you did not drop in their office last year, you’d better do it this time (they provided visitors with free pizza and beer lol). What to expect? Besides getting to know the amazing app developers and founders, you can see—

–The stunning view across the bay to Indonesia

–The good sound system

–Pool table

–Free beer and snacks for anyone who can show they’ve got one of their free apps on their smartphone! ! !

What you waiting for? Off to Clarke Quay and have a good time.


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