Share Walkabout with your friends, students and staff!

Walkabout is awesome and we’re thrilled that you’re involved!  This is a community event – it’s open to students, designers, window washers, developers, marketers, business folks, dog walkers – EVERYONE can join!

Offices around the city are opening their doors between 10:00 -5:00pm.  Grab your colleagues and swing by one office on your lunch break or visit every office on the map – it’s up to you. Check out the many ways to #WALKSG for ideas on what to do during the day.

Here are some materials that you can share with your friends, family, staff and students.


Print out the flyer – Walkabout Flyer


Use this quick blog post to explain Walkabout and share your company’s involvement.

We’re opening our doors for Walkabout Singapore. Come visit our office on  Friday, June 13th, to see all the amazing new features we have in store for you and meet the people who dreamt them up.

Walkabout SG is an annual city-wide open house. Over 80 companies are opening their doors to give you a behind-the-scenes look at Singapore’s booming tech scene.  Come check out our offices, see what really happens at a tech startup, and meet the founders who are leading the technology scene in Singapore.

If you can’t swing by to our office, come grab a drink with us at the afterparty at Kyo. It’s totally free and open to everyone!

We’re participating in #walksg on Friday, June 13th.  Come check out our office and discover why all the cool kids wear hoodies to work.

Download the Walkabout SG logo

Main Logo



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