Make your open house rock

The tech scene is unlike another industry in the world. We start with a creative solution to a problem and work on solving it in any space available –  working out of garages, shophouses and even our own living rooms.  No matter what size or where it’s located, our workspaces demonstrate who we are as a company and what it’s like to work in a field where creativity and entrepreneurship are king.

It’s time to showcase the tech scene in Singapore and bring our community together for a citywide “open house” of technology companies.

Harvest Employee and NYC Walkabout Organizer Karen Schoellkopf at Meetup Offices Internet Week NY 2010 #iwny

Meetup offices in NYC

Here’s how you can make the WalkaboutSG successful for your team:

Create a game plan – Make sure that everyone in your office understands that people are dropping by. Have someone there to greet the guests, show them around and tell them about your company. Encourage your team to talk about what they do, how they got involved in tech and why they like working at your office. (People are surprised to learn that tech isn’t just developers and designers, there are many different skills needed in our field).

Checking out the mobile marketing scene at @smaato #walksg

Invite your users  – Use this opportunity to form closer relationships with your community.  Invite users to join you at your office during the open house, encourage your community to share what they enjoy about your product/service and show where the idea originated. Feel free to copy or recreate our invitation.

Make it an event –  At the New York Walkabout one company offered free head shots, another had a photobooth in their office.  In you would like to plan an event at a specific time, please email Kristine so she can put it on the schedule.

Showcase what makes your office unique.  Do you have a pool table, an indoor jungle or an office pet? Show it off! This is a chance to show what makes your company special. The Roomorama mascot was a big hit and so was Gameify’s hamster!

When @evenpanda met @Gamemaki at #walksg

When @evenpanda met @Gamemaki at #walksg

Demo – Demo your product and have developers available to answer questions. Share a presentation or have a computer available for people to try out your service. Use this as a way to gain new users and create ardent fans.

Walkabout NYC 2011: MakerBot

Poetry in Motion at MakerBot’s office – Walkabout NYC

Schwag- If you have cool t-shirts, stickers and schwag, now is the time to share! Are you hiring? – This is a great chance to recruit new talent. If you’re actively hiring, let Kristine know and she will promote the position to attendees.

Make people feel special – Share upcoming features, explain services they haven’t seen yet or offer them a badge on your site if they participate. Use this as a way to build excitement for what’s happening next from your company.

Cool kids of media @e27 at #walksg

Cool kids of media @e27 at #walksg

As always, people enjoy drinking beer –  Neo (formerly New Context) holds the title for Singapore’s best office brew. We invite all others to attempt to unseat this champion. The Kiwi newbies Trade Gecko have already thrown the gauntlet.

Other ideas? Add your suggestions in the comments!


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